Iran After Sanctions

It is hard to estimate the economic impacts of lifting sanctions on Iran imposed by the West (EU and US) and the United Nations Security Council. However, in an interesting report by the World Bank, analysts conjecture the economic outlook of the country after sanctions are fully removed.

  1. Oil prices will drop even more (by about $10) which highly helps western economies and negatively impacts oil exporting countries.
  2. Countries that see most of the boost in trade with Iran are Britain, China, India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.
  3. Iran will enjoy an estimated $15 billion increase in oil revenues in the first year after sanctions are liftedd and will received about $107 billion worth of its frozen assets (not all of it is expected to be released immediately.
  4. and finally, foreign direct investment that plummeted from $8 billion dollars to around zero is expected to rise to $4 billion, a level last reported in 2008.

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